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We believe in transformative power of ideas & are passionately committed to helping you unlock full potential.
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We have years of experience & in-depth industry knowledge to steer your IP journey with confidence and precision.
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We understand your unique requirements, and deliver personalized solutions that elevate your intellectual property to new heights.

Law Hira - About us

At Law Hira, we are a Intellectual Property consulting firm dedicated to empowering innovation & protecting creative ideas. We believe innovation should be protected & rewarded. As trusted partners in your IP journey, we strive for excellence, ensuring your success is our ultimate goal.

Let us be your partner in locating your ideas & shaping a brighter future for your intellectual property. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your innovations.

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Protecting your intellectual
assets with experience

Trademark Services

We provide all-inclusive trademark services, guiding you through every step of the registration process & beyond. From in-depth...

Patent Prosecution

We offer comprehensive Patent Prosecution services, guiding you through patent drafting, filing in India, PCT & abroad,..

Industrial Design

The legal protection of a new & original design serves as an incentive for the creator's hard work, ensuring their intellectual...

Copyright Services

We offer comprehensive copyright services to ensure your creative works are adequately protected. From copyright registration...

Legal Notice

Our Legal Notice service ensures effective communication of your rights and intentions, resolving disputes and safeguarding...

Rental Agreement Service

Secure Tenancy Solutions! Our Rental Agreement service offers comprehensive contracts tailored to your needs. Protect your rights...
Our Diverse Clientele

Innovation & Protection

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, catering to innovators, startups, established businesses, creative professionals, and individuals alike. Whether you are an entrepreneur with groundbreaking ideas, a growing startup in need of trademark protection, or a seasoned inventor seeking global patent solutions, we are committed to providing tailored Intellectual Property services that fit your unique needs.

No matter the scale or complexity, we are here to safeguard your intellectual assets and empower your journey towards success. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support and expert guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that your innovative creations are protected and nurtured in the competitive market. With a focus on personalized service, we aim to become your trusted partner in the dynamic world of Intellectual Property, helping you maximize the value of your ideas and drive your vision towards a prosperous future.

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